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In PELION ‘’ the pride Mountain of the mountains’’according to the poet and the rich Greek Mythology was the residence of the Nymphs ,the Druids, and the well know Centaurs.Theron being the most prominent figure of them all.Besides hiw other peculiar characteristics he also dealth with hiw favorite herbs.On the slopes of mountain Peliona verdant mountain full of forests and mountain herbs 24 villages were founded with Makrinitsa as the main village.

Makrinitsa is well-known for its unparalleled natural beauty, structure and historical heritage part of which were and are the famous herbs of the wider region known for their variety and important therapeutic properties.

Our family ‘’The Manos Family’’ honors and respects this heritage since the 1980s by having created a space ‘’The shop of Nature’’ .Here everybody can meet nature and its products displayed in front of them.

In our shop you will find all kinds of organic herbs and aromatic plants gathered together both from this blessed mountain and others from the biological crops of our botanical garden for the needs of the shop. The visitor has the choice of excellent quality herbs, tea, spices and other products related to them as well as oral and paper analysis of their individual properties. In addition to our many years of experience Manolis Manos, Herbalist doctor from the University of Europe https://manolismanos.weebly.comhas cooperated with the corresponding in-depth research of many years on the herbal product.